Thursday, January 24, 2013

Precious Moments: Newborn Program at WCCH

Carlson's is proud to announce the arrival of our "Artistic Newborn" Program.

Our newborn program is being installed at the WCCH to ensure that every baby born in this hospital gets their photo taken!

Nurses have been trained with our new concept camera system that we designed for this purpose.  This set up is mobile and can be wheeled into the nursery for baby's first photo!  Attached to a sliding camera stand, nurses position the camera over the baby bassinet to take the photo.  The camera stand  is equipped with a light reflector to bounce beautiful natural window light into the photo.

WCCH's staff is excited to reinstate the tradition of photographing every new birth at the hospital.  It had previously fallen by the wayside the last few years and with all the renovations the hospital is undergoing it's the perfect opportunity to get this memorable and fun tradition back on track.  Gone are the days where you take a photo and have to wait until it's developed to see the results.  It's a digital world, and with our new set up nurses can set up a shot and capture the image of your baby on his or her first day in the world.  No more guessing and hoping that they got a clear and well lit photo, now they can see it instantly and take it again if need be. 

But the excitement doesn't stop there! Carlson's is offering, to any new parents at WCCH, a complimentary "artistic newborn" photo shoot! Completely FREE with no obligations to buy.  Just invite us to come visit you right after your baby arrives, and we will capture the first intimate moments of you bonding with your baby in a creative and uniquely personal way.  We know how exciting and busy these first few days can be, family and friends are more than welcome to stay and be a part of the photos or stay and lend a helping hand.

After your session, viewing has been made instant and easy.  In fact you will be able to look at photos from your session right away! A laptop is readily available to view you images on and discuss your options if you do decided that you would like to purchase.  We have customizable "baby bundle" packages to choose from and a wide variety of newborn collection products that you'll love ranging from personalized nursery plaques to accordion books and deluxe birth announcements!


We can't wait to see this new program take off! We are so lucky to be included in some of life's most precious moments to be able to capture them for you to cherish forever.

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