Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Senior Season

 It’s that time of year again…Senior Season! And we couldn’t be more excited about it.

 Senior Year is such a special time in our lives.  It’s a year of legend that we spend our whole high school careers working towards and looking forward to and then in the blink of an eye…it’s over.  Prom comes and then Graduation and you’re on to bigger things like college and jobs and seeing new people and stepping outside of the places you have known and into the unknown.  You only get to be this age once, and experience this transition from childhood to young adulthood and enter into the “Real World” that everyone has been telling you about.   

At Carlson’s we love to capture that “in between” stage you’re living in.  We love hearing about your future plans and getting a real sense of who you are.  It’s such an amazing experience for us to have the privilege of working with you in this special time in your life and hopefully capturing a sense of who you are to share with friends and loved ones to cherish for years to come.

Senior pictures are more than just a picture of what you look like at this age. They encompass who you really are, a compilation of the past 17/18 years of your life, and how you want to be remembered.  In 10, 20, or even 50 years from now when you take out that dusty old yearbook from the closet, what will your picture say about you?

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