Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Photos of your Furry Family Members

At Carlson's we know that sometimes "family" is more than just parents and children.  Pets are part of the family too!  That's why we have dedicated a special event to all of our pet loving clients!

Our Pet Portrait Days this year are


We are always more than happy to photograph your pets, even outside of our designated pet days (and no matter what kind of pet you have...) BUT what's cool about our Pet Portrait Days is that we will donate your $20 session fee to any pet friendly charitable organization that you would like!

 We accept pets by appointment only--we want to make sure your pet has enough time to relax and really let us capture his/her personality (because we all know that our beloved pets are full of fun and unique personality). 

Typically, once you arrive with your pet(s) we let them have the chance to roam around (unleashed!) and sniff and play with everyone/thing in the studio.  Once they have had a chance to become familiar with their surroundings we convince them (or bribe them with t-r-e-a-t-s) to play with us in the camera room.  This is why we schedule by appointment only...the less distractions the better.

Even if you don't have a pet for us to photograph you can still participate in this event!!!


After both of our pet portrait days we will be putting up photos of all the pets that came to visit us and we'll be holding a "Cutest Pet" Contest on our facebook page! All you have to do is 'like' your favorite pet portrait in the contest and the pet with the most 'likes' wins! We will then match the winners donation to whichever charity they chose to donate to!

Call today to schedule your pet's appointment! We still have both morning and afternoon appointments open on both days!

(585) 786-2871

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Precious Moments: Newborn Program at WCCH

Carlson's is proud to announce the arrival of our "Artistic Newborn" Program.

Our newborn program is being installed at the WCCH to ensure that every baby born in this hospital gets their photo taken!

Nurses have been trained with our new concept camera system that we designed for this purpose.  This set up is mobile and can be wheeled into the nursery for baby's first photo!  Attached to a sliding camera stand, nurses position the camera over the baby bassinet to take the photo.  The camera stand  is equipped with a light reflector to bounce beautiful natural window light into the photo.

WCCH's staff is excited to reinstate the tradition of photographing every new birth at the hospital.  It had previously fallen by the wayside the last few years and with all the renovations the hospital is undergoing it's the perfect opportunity to get this memorable and fun tradition back on track.  Gone are the days where you take a photo and have to wait until it's developed to see the results.  It's a digital world, and with our new set up nurses can set up a shot and capture the image of your baby on his or her first day in the world.  No more guessing and hoping that they got a clear and well lit photo, now they can see it instantly and take it again if need be. 

But the excitement doesn't stop there! Carlson's is offering, to any new parents at WCCH, a complimentary "artistic newborn" photo shoot! Completely FREE with no obligations to buy.  Just invite us to come visit you right after your baby arrives, and we will capture the first intimate moments of you bonding with your baby in a creative and uniquely personal way.  We know how exciting and busy these first few days can be, family and friends are more than welcome to stay and be a part of the photos or stay and lend a helping hand.

After your session, viewing has been made instant and easy.  In fact you will be able to look at photos from your session right away! A laptop is readily available to view you images on and discuss your options if you do decided that you would like to purchase.  We have customizable "baby bundle" packages to choose from and a wide variety of newborn collection products that you'll love ranging from personalized nursery plaques to accordion books and deluxe birth announcements!


We can't wait to see this new program take off! We are so lucky to be included in some of life's most precious moments to be able to capture them for you to cherish forever.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Gift To Last A Lifetime...

A gift you can't buy just anywhere...Family Photos!


It's that time of year when families start to come from near and far to be together for the holidays.  Maybe you get together often, maybe you only get together twice a year, either way what better time than now to schedule a family photo?  At Carlson's we try to make and capture fun and lasting memories of you and your loved ones together.  Family portraits make the perfect gift to give yourself and to give your loved ones. 


Don't wait! Schedule your appointment today!


Can't all be here on the same day due to scheduling conflicts?  No Problem! Tell us ahead of time what groups can come in at what times and we can make sure your end product showcases everyone it needs to.  We have the ability to take photos and superimpose them onto each other so it looks like everyone was here at the same time!

Need an appointment after work?  We can help! We can accommodate evening and weekend hours by appointment.  Just give us a call sometime Monday-Friday from 9-5 to discuss what availability we have after hours and we can accommodate for your busy holiday schedules!   
We have a wide variety of packages that serve as a good starting point for your portrait needs.  Feel free to customize them or build your own package a-la-carte.  We also have custom framing options available to you with a wide variety of moldings guaranteed to match any decor.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tis' the season for pictures with Santa!

The Carlson's Team had the opportunity to hang out with Santa this Saturday, December 1st in Perry.  First we were invited out to Breakfast with Santa , hosted by the Ladies Auxiliary at the Perry Fireman's Building.  A delicious breakfast was prepared and Santa came to visit and gave kids the opportunity to share with him their Christmas wishes where Carlson's stood by to capture the moment.  It was a wonderful start to our very busy Santa Saturday! 

As the streets were shut down to traffic, main street came alive with people all excited to spend time mingling and enjoying the holiday lights and festival set up by the Holiday Delights Committee.  A festive tree lighting kicked off the night as people gathered around to hear the High School Chorus sing holiday music and enjoy the different local groups and vendors that set up in the plaza. Cheesed and Confused, Blue Box Cafe, The Country Kitchen, The Vets Club, The American Legion and The Maple Queen were just a few of the many awesome vendors that set up and contributed different products for public enjoyment. A live Nativity scene was set up, complete with animals for petting! A flash mob from the Perry Middle School surprised us all with a dance number to Read Around Perry.

An impressive firetruck parade lit up the town as trucks covered in lights decorated main street throughout the duration of the festival, filling the street with the holiday spirit.

Peyten Nearhood; all smiles as she
showed us that not all 2 year olds
are afraid of Santa!
After Santa helped oversee the lighting of the tree downtown, he made his way with his elves to the hot spot of the night where kids were standing in line watching outdoor movies waiting to meet and greet with him.  Cookies and toys were donated so each child could receive a special Christmas surprise and then build their own cookies! 

Both events were a huge success and we were so happy to be invited to share in these fun holiday traditions again this year!
Approximately 500 kids came out to have their picture taken with Santa this year between both events.  With numbers like that, Carlson's has committed to investing in modern technology that keeps the printing time short (approx. 15 secs per print).  By the time the kids are done talking to Santa about their placement on the "Naughty or Nice" list their prints are ready to go.  This is the same technology we utilize for our event photography (ie. corporate parties, photobooths, etc...) to avoid having you stand in line all night and get you back into the party that much faster.

If you didn't get a chance to get your picture taken with Santa last Saturday you have 2 more wonderful opportunities to meet him coming up soon! Carlson's will be hanging out with Santa at the Warren's Cleaning office on North Main Street in Warsaw to benefit the Relay For Life as they host a Christmas Bazaar on Sunday, December 16th.  Your next opportunity will be on Thursday, December 20th at The Stage.  Santa will be arriving around 5:30 and then a FREE Holiday Movie will be showing at 7:00pm.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Whild Flowers Are In Bloom At Carlson's

All the hard work put into a large wild flower display is paying off. They make a fantastic backdrop to many subjects, kids, to high school Seniors. They should be in bloom from now till the first frost. Lucky that I have a water supply to keep them growing.

Its just one more backdrop in the "Photo Park" here at Carlson's. If you choose the white sand beach, it may look like you are at the outer banks. The Dock, Victorian Porch, punch bug, old truck, Barn woods of various colors, Metal sculpture, split rail fences, woods, fields... the list goes on and on.

I hope you will consider makings an appointment to have your photo taken in them.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rotary Club

Are you involved with a group or organization? There are so many to choose from. Small or large, together many hands make light work! Pictured here is the Perry Rotary Club. Taking time to mark a moment in their clubs history. We at Carlson's applaud the efforts of all who choose to get involved. You almost always get back more than you put into it. Funny how that works!
Carlson's Studio, group photo, club picture  
Perry Rotary Club 2012

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Take me to the Prom!

Prom Date Photos
(Ally and her boyfriend.)
The perfect dress [check] hair style [check] date [check…or maybe stag!] shoes, nails and flowers [check,check, check] now who’s going to take the pictures of you and all your friends on prom day?? 

Why not Carlson’s?! Even if the Prom Committee didn’t select Carlson’s as your Prom Photographer, doesn’t mean you can’t have Carlson’s Photos to capture the memories.

Carlson's Pre Prom Photos

 Just this past Saturday Ally, our 2013 Senior Rep from Avon, invited us to be a part of her special day with all her friends.

Friends at the Prom
(All the girls)

We all gathered at the Livingston Campus Park for a quick photo session before the prom which was just a short drive away at the Genesee River Hotel.  The girls all looked fabulous in their dresses and the guys were all very handsome in their tuxes. 

(boys will be boys)
(no one fell in!)

(All the guys)

The setting was perfect with little white bridges over a beautiful pond. Ally was the perfect coordinator for bringing a total of 21 people together for a Pre-Prom photo op.  We are so lucky to have her on our team this year to help launch our senior season. 
(Pictured are a couple of shots from the session on Saturday.)

Interested in Pre-prom photos like Ally's? Just call and ask if we have your prom date available, we'd love to take part in capturing your memories of this special day.