Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Take me to the Prom!

Prom Date Photos
(Ally and her boyfriend.)
The perfect dress [check] hair style [check] date [check…or maybe stag!] shoes, nails and flowers [check,check, check] now who’s going to take the pictures of you and all your friends on prom day?? 

Why not Carlson’s?! Even if the Prom Committee didn’t select Carlson’s as your Prom Photographer, doesn’t mean you can’t have Carlson’s Photos to capture the memories.

Carlson's Pre Prom Photos

 Just this past Saturday Ally, our 2013 Senior Rep from Avon, invited us to be a part of her special day with all her friends.

Friends at the Prom
(All the girls)

We all gathered at the Livingston Campus Park for a quick photo session before the prom which was just a short drive away at the Genesee River Hotel.  The girls all looked fabulous in their dresses and the guys were all very handsome in their tuxes. 

(boys will be boys)
(no one fell in!)

(All the guys)

The setting was perfect with little white bridges over a beautiful pond. Ally was the perfect coordinator for bringing a total of 21 people together for a Pre-Prom photo op.  We are so lucky to have her on our team this year to help launch our senior season. 
(Pictured are a couple of shots from the session on Saturday.)

Interested in Pre-prom photos like Ally's? Just call and ask if we have your prom date available, we'd love to take part in capturing your memories of this special day.

   Not only can we come to your Prom, or Pre-prom get together, we can bring our Photo Booth to your Prom!

  We print on the spot so you can have photos to take home with you as a keepsake.  We bring fun props and backgrounds to match your prom colors…we can bring an open air booth with no sides or the traditional style booth.


 It’s always interesting to see how many people you can fit into one little booth for a picture…and to see what kind of “creative” poses everyone comes up with. Some of our favorites so far this year came from the North Star Christian Academy.

If you want a photo booth at your prom...ask your prom adviser to call Carlson's for more details.

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