Friday, May 18, 2012

United Way 5th Annual Day of Caring.

Kevin recently had the opportunity to visit with and photograph some of the volunteers at the United Way Day of Caring event on May 16th. 

The first year the Day of Caring had 70 volunteers and covered 7 locations.  This year, numbers reached over 300 volunteers of individuals, businesses, and civic groups and even the Batavia Student Council covering 34 work sites from fixing up old bicycles for re-use to sprucing up the playground at the School for the Blind.

 Pictured are photos from the morning kick-off of the event where volunteers gathered for an inspirational message from a School of the Blind director about the amazing impact the Day Of Caring had last year.

They also listen to a story with a great pay-it-forward message about a boy and puzzles.  A young boy at school loved doing puzzles but didn’t like classwork and for that his grades suffered.  This teacher invited the boy to do puzzles in her room during his lunch period.  She encouraged him and offered up words of kindness.  One day she bought a 20,000 piece puzzle for him to work on.  His grades began to improve with her encouragement and by the end of his 7th grade year he went from almost failing to a solid B student.  The next 5 years came and went with him visiting this teacher to work on the massive 20,000 piece puzzle but he didn’t even complete it by graduation.

He took it to college…Associates…Bachelors…Masters…and a Doctorate degree later her FINALLY finished the puzzle and wanted to share this success with his teacher that started it all.  She was proud of him no doubt, and thanked her for her encouragement because he recognized that without it he may not have gotten so far in life and achieved so much.  Her message to him was that it was now his turn to help someone else the way she had helped him. 

It just goes to show that, sometimes it’s just the little things you can do that make a difference.  Something as simple as kind words of encouragement can help someone in ways you couldn’t have imagined.

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